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Welcome to the official website of Mexican-American recording artist, Oscar Cortez, born July 5th, 1989, better known as, Skar from Inglewood, California signed to Rowdoggs Entertainment. Download the free "Skar Music" mobile app from the Google Play Store, to stream music, watch the latest music videos, and stay updated with all the latest news, releases, and tours dates. 


Now taking the U.S by storm, is hip-hop's new upcoming, Mexican-American, recording artist, born Oscar Cortez on July 5th 1989, better known by his stage name, Skar, is now being recognized by many music industry professionals that refer him as "a different breed of Latino Emcee" according to OTH magazine. His amazing talents have landed him placements in several well known independent, local, national, international magazines, music sites, and radio broadcasting networks, including Pandora, Street Motivation Magazine. and Playboy Radio. 

Skar was raised in Inglewood, California, and thats where he was influenced by hip-hop at age 12, which initially started as a way to escape the reality and issues with poverty, and he also managed to build a huge criminal record before the age of 17. With hardships in the streets,  and with a single mother working two (2) full time jobs, made it easier to spend most of the time with local gang members, and it also forced "Skar" to seek a source of income, which caused him to spend most of his younger years incarcerated. 

During the beginning of 2006, the first of February, at only 16 years of age, "Oscar (Skar) Cortez", along with: "Daniel (Tantrum) Contreras" ; "Aly Daniel (Danny) Huerta-Espinoza" ; and, "Ivan Alejandro (Nowon Else) Perez-Cortez", got arrested, and convicted on multiple felony charges, including two (2) counts of attempted murder, as a result of an on going gang war with a rival gangs. The following year, on the 4th of February, 2007 "Daniel (Tantrum) Contreras", passed away, just days after his 18th birthday. Then, a few weeks before "Skar's" cousin turned 25, "Aly Daniel (Danny) Huerta-Espinoza" passed away the fourth day of June, in 2014, on the same day "Danny's" older brother, "2 Slick", and "Skar's" older brother, "Ivan Alejandro (Nowon Else) Perez-Cortez" both turned 26 years old for their birthday. 


Facing a juvenile life sentence, in the state of California, with the possibility of being eligible for parole after serving a 15 year sentence in prison, is what helped plant the seed in Skar's head, to become smarter, to stay away from jail and to find a purpose in life. After being released and sentenced to serve a three (3) year probation term, Skar was arrested again for violating his probation shortly after his release.  Later in August, while still detained, Skar was granted an early release under the terms of being banned from the state of California for a maximum of seven (7) years. In late November 2007, the judge discontinued the case, and Skar was released, and reunited with his mother, who at the time, lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Finding it difficult to be accepted in the "Mid-West" allowed Skar to spend more time focusing on his music, but, it also started bringing back old habits, breaking the law. Finally at age 21 after being homeless, multiple arrests, near death experiences, and seeing almost everyone around him being headed to prison, due to all the drug and gang activity surrounding the "Mid West", he decided to pack his bags and then drive to Las Vegas, Nevada with a suspended drivers license. At the start of 2013, Skar decided to pursue a career in the music industry, signing a deal with Rowdoggs Entertainment, and soon after he was able to reconnect with a long time friend he grew up with in the same neighborhood, Og Rome aka Mr. Everywhere. 

On August 25th, 2013 he released his first mix tape "Your Connect", under the label "Rowdoggs Entertainment". The following year, the annual "West Coast Hip Hop Awards" presented "Your Connect" with the award for 2014's "Mix tape of the Year". Skar's music has been featured on multiple mix tape series, which has managed to help Skar's reach over 1,000,000+ online plays via soundcloud, mtv, youtube etc. In 2014, Skar co-founded the radio broadcasting network "Oh Snap Fm" but was discontinued in 2015.


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